Understanding is everything!

How we work

Understand: We start our process by engaging with you and your teams. Through discussion and research, we uncover the communication challenges you are facing. We then analyse your target audiences’ cultural DNA, spending time getting under their skin, understanding what makes them tick.

Plan: Creativity without strategy is simply guessing; our strategies are a blueprint that guides the creative work. We develop strong ideas, based on clear research and build a creative strategy that is targeted at your audience. Our content is always relevant and powerful because it is underpinned by good thinking.

Create: Because we have the technology to make almost anything possible, our creative teams are empowered to dream big & impact BIG. Over a series of client presentations and meetings, we then hone the creative until it resonates with relevance. Finally, we bring the ideas to life using multidisciplinary tools, constructing exceptional, interactive and immersive experiences.


Experience Design and Build

We design and build brand experiences in every platform.

We orchestrate many disciplines in harmony to create the target perception and the impression that project or client needs. We create Environments with Big Impact and WOW effects with right content.

After understanding the target audience’s tendencies we blend our creativity, technological know-how and our artistic view to design and specify what message we will give, where and how, using which techniques , disciplines and technologies… Stage designs, shows, holograms, dome projections, projection mappings, 360 whatchout, 3D, 4D, 5D, 7D worlds, performance arts are some of them.
Content Production
Our artists, writers and animators produce incredible visual content from life-like and immersive virtual reality worlds, online video games and holograms to video mappings. We are not limited to any media, and have the technological back-end to create solutions in any digital or real-world environment. Rely on us to give your brand dynamism and life, from a basic animation to major interactive shows.

Our content portfolio includes TV Spots, corporate films, cartoon series, 3D animation movies, infographic films, architectural visualizations, immersive contents and more.
Interactive / Digital
Due to our team’s software and Graphical User Interface expertise, hardware knowledge and experience we are able to design and implement the target audience’s user experience and keep it alive in all areas related to digital communication. From a website to a motion detected touch wall, from wayfinding screens of a big mall to mobile sites, from mobile application design to games, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) projects and real-world interactive experiences.
TV / Broadcast Branding & Digital Platforms
We were born and raised in TV Stations. Up to this day we produced more than 600 TV openers, tens of Total TV branding packages, hundreds of promos. Some of our works are being watched by more than 1 billion people every day. We design and implement all the needs of an International/national TV channel from ident to sound logo and jingle, from realtime graphics, economy, sports to weather packages, as well as the visual brand identity and user experience / interface of a digital media platform.